Monday, August 22, 2011

HOLY COW...I haven't done this in forever!

Bowl of yummy Watermelon & 32oz Water @ 8am!
So much for daily journaling, eh? Ooops! Well at least I can say my absence wasn't because I "fell off the wagon". I am actually doing REALLY well. YAY me! I just got lazy and stopped posting. But I am going to make an effort to start again. More specifically I am going to make an attempt to post pictures of what I'm eating - to hold myself accountable! I do video vlogging of my daily food once a month for a week but would like to make it a more regular thing. Posting a picture seems easier than videoing and then editing that video every single day. Soooo waalaa, here I am! Of course I will be posting other stuff - ranting, raving ect. A lot has happened since I posted last so I have lots to journal about - but for now, here is what I am starting my morning with. A bowl of watermelon - approximately 50 calories and 32oz water! I have been starting my mornings with fruit and water followed by my main breakfast an hour or two later. It seems to be working for me - for now!